Escape Room

Escape Room Mar Hotels Rosa del Mar & Spa 

After the success of the activity of Escape Room in the Halloween 2018 event, we now offer you as a free service for your stay at our Mar Hotels Rosa del Mar, ONLY IF YOU BOOK YOUR HOLIDAYS THROUGH MARHOTELS.COM (2 tickets for person). Enjoy 2 types of adventure.



The Zombies took control of the Earth. Mr. Z has found the perfect antisera that, when it gets into the air, destroys them immediately. You have an hour to midnight to find and activate the antiserum that is kept on the secret base of the Zombies...




Hovering over enemy territory, our drones located an active missile launch pad. When the land forces arrive at the facility, there is only 1 hour left until launch. Alas, the base has been rendered completely dysfunctional by the enemy. You need to stop the launch… Your team’s mission is to get in the agent’s secret base, disarm the nuclear bomb in less than 60 minutes, otherwise, we all must face the worst...


Mar Hotels Rosa del Mar & Spa
C/ Ca's Saboners s/n (Palmanova)

This 4-star complex for couples and families was completely refurbished in 2013. It has a Splash! area for children, Happy Burger restaurant, buffet restaurant and refurbished rooms.

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